As the cosmetic industry undergoes constant transformation, new prospects emerge for home-based enterprises, catering to licensed professionals opting for home offices and individuals venturing into a “home-based” career.

In the dynamic landscape of the expanding cosmetic sector, numerous contemporary procedures lack strict oversight from boards or licensing authorities. Instead, they often rely on remote learning and certification processes.

Traditional educational models, salons, and basic services are experiencing a paradigm shift towards innovation and self-driven accomplishments. Let AAC be your partner in constructing your empire!


This industry boasts a staggering $50 billion valuation as people yearn to maintain a youthful, beautiful appearance and stay ahead of the latest beauty trends.

Numerous contemporary beauty procedures operate in a regulatory gray area, allowing licensed professionals to broaden their service offerings. Meanwhile, non-licensed individuals can also engage in these procedures with certification, depending on the prevailing laws and regulations in their locality.

These are techniques not typically covered in esthetician or cosmetology schools—representing the future of this continuously expanding industry, and the best part is, you can venture into it from the comfort of your home-based business!


AAC is committed to assisting you in pursuing your dreams, whether you’re initiating a home-based business or elevating your existing venture to new heights.

Our extensive range of online training courses, premium supplies, and retail products ensures that you have all the essential elements to establish a thriving business.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional seeking independence, this presents an excellent opportunity for you!

Let’s embark on the journey of building your empire together!



Consider several factors when selecting a procedure to start with, including the cost per procedure, potential profit, and your future plans.

All of these procedures come with significant advantages, such as minimal supplies, straightforward processes, versatile application methods using a single tool, and high demand.

Take the microneedling pen, for instance, which can be employed for Microneedling, Mesotherapy Infusion, Shine Semi-Permanent Foundation, and more. Similarly, the PMU machine accommodates various procedures like ombre brow, lips, eyeliner, micropigmentation, and even PMU removal. The pressure pen and fibroblast procedures are both uncomplicated, cost-effective and offer remarkable benefits. Importantly, these are relatively new and often do not require special licensing in most areas.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you chart your unique path in this field!


How To Get Started:

Learning The Procedures
You will want to be sure you are properly trained in the procedures that you are performing. AAC offers a large variety of affordable online training that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. You will also receive all of the materials needed to perform your procedures and can make your money back in just 2-3 procedures.

Preparing Your Room
This is the fun part! Set-up your dream studio in one of your spare rooms with all of your equipment and decorations. AAC offers free printable posters for you to hang on your walls and show off that you were trained by the best. It is also important to frame and hang all of your certificates for your clients to easily see.

Building Your Portfolio
The best way to build your portfolio is to practice! Ask your friends and family if you can perform the procedure on them. Be sure to take before and after photos with every procedure so you can show off your work. You can also start by offering your procedures for a discount. This will not only build your portfolio but will also bring more people in by word of mouth.

Bringing In Business
The best way to advertise your business is to post on social media. Post your work, inspiration, about your business and yourself. You can post videos, photos, discounts, and more. You can also get your business listed on Yelp and Groupon to draw more attention to your business.

Connect With Others
It is not always “what you know” but also “who you know!” We have designed community outlet groups through social media to serve as a business tool for people within the same industry to connect with each other and grow. You are able to ask questions from those who have been in the industry for a long time and know the ropes to success and also connect with the entire AAC Team.



Working table

Working table

Procedure Bed or chair

Procedure Bed or chair

Cabinet or designated space for equipment and supplies

Cabinet or designated space
for equipment and supplies

File cabinet or caddy for client records

File cabinet or caddy
for client records

Well lit area (over head light)

Well lit area
(over head light)

Technician rolling chair

Technician rolling chair

Client garments

Client garments


Important Things To Consider:

Not all procedures require licensing. However, it is important to always check if a license is required before considering performing any procedure.

Training & Experience
It is important to always be properly trained in the procedures you are performing. We offer a large variety of affordable training courses to properly teach you how to perform these procedures. Without proper knowledge, consequences can occur. And remember, practice, practice, practice and you’ll become a master at what you do.

Where you will perform this in your house
Be sure you have a room to perform these procedures in.A spare room or office space is great! There also may be requirements of the room used so you will want to check prior.

Laws and Regulations
Be sure to check the laws and regulations in your area. There are often certain requirements that need to be met in order to perform these procedures and have your own home business.

Start-up cost
There will be some cost in order to start your own practice.This is minimal compared to most business start-up costs but you’ll want to be sure to plan this out and take it into consideration.