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Aesthetics Academy is the world’s leading company for online training and supplies in the aesthetic industry. We’re pleased to help women all over the world start or build their companies and profit from the $50 billion aesthetics market. Our user-friendly platform was created to provide you with the best possible education from the comfort of your own home while still providing you with all you need to succeed. Each course is immediately available after you join, as well as ongoing support and lifetime access.

ONGOING SUPPORT Learn from some of the best in the business! To ensure that our students receive accurate and up-to-date information, Aesthetics Academy only trains with certified experts.

MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNINGS Aesthetics Academy aims to assist you not only in getting started in the market and building your business but also in optimizing your profit potential. We accomplish this by offering a variety of ways for you to increase your income, such as becoming an Aesthetics Academy Affiliate or an Aesthetics Academy Retailer. Don’t just provide basic services; incorporate them into your business and watch your revenue grow.

GETTING LEADS & SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH Obtaining leads is without a doubt the most difficult but critical aspect of your business. Aesthetics Academy wants to make sure that once you’ve been taught and certified, we’ll be there for you until you’ve successfully built your business. We accomplish this by offering a wide range of lead-generation ideas, tools, and services. Aesthetics Academy provides a variety of marketing images for you to use in promoting yourself and your aesthetic services. Take advantage of these opportunities to market your company on social media!

We also give our students access to a Global Directory where they can be listed. You can list all of your business information to the 15,000 monthly visitors to our website for a small fee. When we receive a service request, we direct the customer to our directory to find Aesthetics Academy-certified individuals in their area. This is a fantastic way to promote your business.

BECOME A PART OF THE TEAM Do you want to get your hands dirty and do what Aesthetics Academy does? Consider working in the aesthetic industry as an Aesthetics Academy Educator. We have developed a simple process for purchasing discounted kits so that you can train your own students and earn an exponential income. We’ve already done the research; all you need to do now is offer it!