In this final lesson, we will be putting all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the course to the test. You will be given assignments as homework to be completed in class and/or individually. These assignments will help you apply what you’ve learned to a real-world […]

Conclusion, Recap, Best Practices

In this session, we will consolidate the pivotal insights garnered throughout the course, and explore the practical utilization of this acquired knowledge to foster the expansion and streamlining of your own beauty salon or permanent makeup venture. Our discourse will extend to the potential hurdles […]

AI-powered Marketing Strategies

AI-powered Marketing Strategies In this lesson, we will go over marketing terms such as SEO and Call to Action (CTA) to help you guide Chat GPT for the best available marketing efforts. Understanding these terms will allow you to optimize your content and improve your […]

AI-Powered Content Creation

AI-Powered Content Creation Welcome to the exploration of how AI technology can revolutionize content creation for your beauty business. Throughout this lesson, we will delve into various aspects that highlight the capabilities of AI in crafting unique and personalized content for social media, blogs, and […]