Essential Lip Contour – Replicating Lip Liner Lip liner, while seldom worn as a standalone feature today, remains an integral part of many individuals’ lipstick application routine. Opting for its permanent rendition can significantly streamline your makeup regimen. By merely applying lipstick or a pigmented […]


Softly Blended Lip Contour – The Fusion of Lip Liner and Sheer Color The artistry of softly blended lip contour seamlessly marries the elegance of lip liner with the grace of translucent lipstick or tint. While the distinction between the shaded lip liner and ombre […]


Watercolor Lips offer a captivating rendition of permanent lip blush, omitting the conventional outline for a more delicate outcome. Drawing inspiration from watercolor paintings, this technique aspires to seamlessly merge the color into the lips, eliminating harsh demarcations. Much like airbrushing, the absence of sharp […]


Subtle Lip Blush – Capturing the Sheer Lipstick Aesthetic Lip Blush stands as a highly sought-after rendition of permanent lip shading, celebrated for its understated elegance. This technique artfully melds color into the lips, allowing for a range of opacities tailored to individual preferences. With […]


Luscious Full Lip Color – Embrace the Matte Lipstick Effect Among the most striking lip enhancement styles is the Full Lip Color technique, offering the allure of a matte lipstick finish combined with the precision of lip liner. The Full Lip Color method involves crafting […]


When it comes to creating lines, a smooth rhythm guides your hand—straight, uninterrupted movements or the gentle sway of forward-backward strokes. But when it comes to shading, the canvas of technique opens wide, ready for your creative touch. Geometry takes center stage—strokes, circles, ovals, loops, […]


Unveiling the Power of Pre-Drawing Hey, let’s talk about the pre-drawing magic—it’s a game-changer! Before diving into the main event, mastering pre-drawing is your secret sauce. Imagine your template as the pre-drawing’s superhero cape. It’s the key to unlocking perfect pigmentation. Without it, achieving top-notch […]


Pre-drawing along with the initial consultation allows you to find out more about your client’s wishes and expectations, to build confidence, and to map out the rest of your treatment to ensure good results. The most challenging part of the pre-drawing combined with the consultation […]


Creating a Safe Zone: Before and During Treatment Safety first, always! Here’s the lowdown on keeping things squeaky clean and secure: Pre-Treatment Prep: Setting the Stage for the Client: A Snap for the Memories: Remember, a little prep goes a long way in creating a […]


Lip mapping creates the lip shape and size that is correct for your face. Unlike a stencil where you use a ‘pre-shaped’ stencil to draw your lip shape, lip mapping is specific to your client, taking into consideration their natural shape. Place a dot at […]


Let’s dive into the captivating world of lip color, where the art of prediction gets a colorful twist. In this chapter, we’re cracking open the fundamentals of colour theory as it dances on the skin. Imagine the skin as a canvas, ready to be painted. […]


In the realm of consultations, it’s paramount to recognize the unique desires of every client. One individual might yearn for a soft, natural allure, while another craves an attention-commanding, dramatic effect. As a professional, you bear the ultimate decision-making power, harmonizing their aspirations with your […]


Anaesthetics offer not only enhanced client comfort but also contribute to precise results during procedures. By desensitizing the area, anaesthetics prevent muscle contraction that could lead to misplaced pigment application. Employing a topical anaesthetic—both before and during treatment—typically optimizes outcomes. However, application protocols vary based […]


Having an understanding of the products and tools we will be using will help you understand why each product is an important part of creating the perfect lip blush. Although these are not all the products available they are the minimum products needed to complete […]


As an SMPU artist, it is essential that you have an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face, the way certain parts of the face will typically and atypically react to treatment, and also conditions and disorders that are known to affect it. The […]


The upper lips are called the “labium superius oris” and the lower lips are called the “labium inferius oris”. The juncture where the lips meet the skin surrounding the mouth area is called the vermilion border and the coloured area within the borders is called […]


What is “Lip Blush”? Lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by depositing pigments in your lips using small needles. While also sometimes call it lip tattooing, which is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art. Lip blushing […]


If you want to ensure that you get the most out of your training, then why not make it even easier on yourself by scheduling your session online? It’s simple and straightforward; all you need to do is choose the time slot that works best […]


Welcome to your training course! We hope you enjoy your course and wish you the best of luck with your future career. Before you begin the course,  Make sure you have all the supplies needed to complete this training. This will prevent stops in between […]