Brow Lamination Procedure:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Start by ensuring the client’s brows are clean and makeup-free. Use an oil-free cleanser or micellar water with a cotton ball to cleanse the brow area.
  • Eliminate any remaining residue with an oil-free toner like witch hazel and a cotton ball.
  • Sanitize the brows by gently wiping them with an alcohol wipe, creating a clean surface for the treatment.

Step 2: Brow Analysis

  • Evaluate the client’s brow shape, thickness, and hair direction to determine the desired outcome.
  • Identify areas that require focus during the lamination process.
  • Engage in a conversation about different brow effects (e.g., fronts only, front to arch, full brow) and collaborate with the client to choose the best fit based on their preferences and brow characteristics.

Step 3: Brow Isolation

  • Depending on the chosen effect, isolate specific brow sections using micropore tape or brow mapping adhesive.
  • For the “fronts only” effect, secure longer hairs in the front section of the brows.
  • For the “front to arch” effect, isolate hairs from the front towards the arch of the brows.
  • For the “full brow” effect, brush all brow hairs upward and secure the unused ones to prevent interference.

Step 4: Lifting Lotion Application

  • Use a small brush or applicator to apply the lifting lotion to isolated brow hairs, ensuring even coverage from root to tip.
  • Adjust the application time based on hair type: 6-8 minutes for light/thin hairs, 10 minutes for dark/thick hairs, and 15 minutes for coarse/very thick hairs.
  • Monitor the brows during processing to prevent excessive straightening or damage.

Step 5: Lifting Lotion Removal

  • Once the appropriate time has passed, delicately remove the lifting lotion using a damp cotton pad or sponge.
  • Thoroughly eliminate all traces of the product while being gentle to protect the newly straightened brow hairs.

Step 6: Fixing Lotion Application

  • Apply the fixing lotion to the lifted brows in the same manner as the lifting lotion.
  • The fixing lotion sets the brow hairs in their new position and reinforces the hair structure.
  • Adhere to the recommended processing time specified by the product manufacturer.

Step 7: Finalization

  • After the fixing lotion has processed, wipe off gently using a damp cotton pad or sponge.
  • Optionally, tint the brows as per the client’s preference and the technician’s expertise.
  • Apply nourishing brow serums or conditioners to hydrate and enhance the laminated brows’ appearance.
  • Carefully remove the tape or adhesive used for isolation to avoid disturbing the newly laminated hairs.

Remember, specific steps and products may vary based on brand and manufacturer guidelines. It’s crucial to follow the lamination kit’s instructions and receive proper training in brow lamination techniques for a successful and safe procedure.